The range of lubricants under the Petronord umbrella includes products and services for drivers and operators of all types of vehicles as well as all industrial sectors. The specialisations of the companies within the group vary and there are also various partnerships with well-known lubricant brands. Thus, the reliable basis of the product range is always a combination of first-class branded lubricants and the competence and flexibility of medium-sized regionally based dealers.

Viewed as a whole, the lubricant portfolio of the corresponding experts within the group offers, among other things:

  • Passenger car engine oils, transmission oils and fluids: in the search for oils, greases, additives through to vehicle care and repair/service products, no wish remains unfulfilled.
  • Oils and fluids for commercial vehicles - from engine oils, transmission and hydraulic oils to coolants and greases: For the segments of transport, construction, agriculture as well as mining and open-cast mining, a professional solution is ensured according to the requirements.
  • Lubricants for industry: far more than hydraulic and gear oils can be found in the range. Whether turbine and process oils, sliding and bed track oils or much more, there is a suitable branded product for every application as well as solutions from experts when it comes to more efficient workflows and processes, more productivity or even complete lubricant management.
  • Engine oils and special fluids for motorbikes - from racing machines to cruisers to classic motorbikes: the different lubrication requirements always come first.