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Hamburg, 20.07.2023
Invest in the end-customer business ► more

Hamburg, 22.12.22
Petronord sells the JB German Oil business ► more

Hamburg, 14.07.2021
Petronord expands further in Sweden ► more


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Hamburg | 08.12.2017
Petronord Group strengthens presence in North Rhine-Westphalia ► more

Berlin | 05.12.2017
TOTAL and Mühlenbruch Stinnes combine heating oil business in Bremen and Bremerhaven ► more

Hamburg | 15.11.2017
Planting campaign for more groundwater and drinking water ► more

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Greenhouse gas-reduced liquid energy sources are indispensable when looking to the future. ► more

Worth knowing:
Manufacturer-independent information about modern oil heating technology and more ► more