Petronord Group Strengthens Presence in North Rhine-Westphalia

Hamburg | 08.12.2017

The Petronord Group has acquired Brennstoffhandel Joachim Schmidt e.K., a company in Ascheberg-Herbern, and will operate the business as Schmidt Energiehandel GmbH from January 2018.

The family-owned company Schmidt has supplied the region between Münster and Dortmund with fuels for over 60 years, gradually expanding both its product portfolio and customer base, and establishing good, long-standing business relationships, among others with Mabanaft Duisburg, a Petronord sister company.

Besides its main business of heating oil, Schmidt's portfolio now also includes diesel, AdBlue, firewood, and wood pellets. The company is a pioneer in AdBlue distribution: The diesel filling station in the Herbern district of Ascheberg is the first filling station in the region where you can refuel cars with AdBlue as well. Schmidt has its own fleet of vehicles and employs nine people.

Gerhard Grambow will be appointed Managing Director of Schmidt Energiehandel. Tim Gentschenfelde, a long-standing employee of the company, will supervise its operations and will eventually be appointed as its second Managing Director. The former owner, Joachim Westhues, will continue to work for the company in a consultative capacity.

Petronord is a subsidiary of Mabanaft, the trading division of Marquard & Bahls, Germany. Under the Petronord umbrella, 31 retail companies in Germany, Austria and Sweden are currently active in the heating oil and diesel end-consumer business, lubricants distribution, the operation of service stations for commercial trucking fleets ("pool stations"), and the trading of bitumen, wood pellets, natural gas, and electricity.

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